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With record-setting federal investment, Connecticut has a historic opportunity to modernize our transportation infrastructure, slash commute times, reduce congestion, and make it easier for our residents to get from Point A to Point B. Connecticut's economic future depends on it, and a bold, forward thinking approach can help our state leverage its unique position between New York City and Boston.


Connecticut's green spaces and shoreline are among our most valuable resources. and Keith will make sure they're protected. With a smart development plan and an energy agenda that recognizes the tremendous strides made in economizing renewable energy, we can address climate change, preserve our natural beauty, and bring good-paying jobs to our state, all at once.


Commonsense gun laws save lives. Keith will keep Connecticut's gun laws strong and our kids safe. By protecting red flag laws, maintaining strong background checks, and making sure gun ownership is seen as the responsibility it is, we can continue to be a leader on the issue of gun violence.


Our communities' schools are some of the best in the state, and Keith knows that a thriving education system not only turns out prepared adults - it also keeps our property values high. Keith will also make sure kids have access to mental health resources they need to emerge from the pandemic stronger, better-adjusted, and better-prepared for the real world than they were before.


Much like women, the LGBTQ+ community's progress towards true equality is under threat by the ultra-conservative Supreme Court. Keith will protect our friends and neighbors by upholding Connecticut's marriage laws, keep up efforts to end discrimination, and seek to increase LGBTQ+ representation in government.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Keith will cut red tape, continue to cut taxes for Wilton, New Canaan and Ridgefield's middle-class families, and make it easier to do business in Connecticut. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, with nearly half of Connecticut's workers employed by a firm with fewer than 500 employees. Keith will work to make sure they have a seat at the table in Hartford, and keep them from being crowded out of the conversation by large corporations.

Jobs & Economy

Healthcare is a human right, yet too many times, Keith has seen medically necessary procedures postponed or even cancelled because an insurance company thought it knew better than a doctor. Keith will champion a public healthcare option to increase competition and reduce costs, and relax licensure requirements to ease the burden on our frontline providers - without compromising on the quality of care.

Health Care

Millions of American women were devastated by the fall of Roe v. Wade, but ultra-conservatives aren't stopping there. As a healthcare provider, Keith believes this deeply personal decision should be between a woman and her doctor - and no one else. As State Representative, Keith will safeguard state-level protections for choice, expand access to reproductive care, and work with allies to keep abortion safe and legal.

Reproductive Rights

With such critical issues being discussed this year, Keith is committed to working for our interests. Here's the what Keith will fight for when he's elected to represent you!


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